Vpecker LOG File, help with your questions!

Rescently, some our Vpecker customers and users said they do not know how to operate Vpecker fully or some questions about the connceting. But they could not feed back their ideas clearly and do not want us to help remote.

So here we share you another way to feed back your idea, that is send us your LOG file.

I could understand you may have some questions now why to send LOG file and how to send or something like that.

Here we will share you steps by steps.

Why to send LOG file?

If you use Feedback Function to feedback the problem, we could get your log file and get your problem clearly and help solve.

What is LOG file?

Every Vpecker has its LOG file, and it would remember your data automatically, and normally, it is here
C:\Program Files (x86)\TDIntel\Vpecker\Log

How to send LOG file?

You could follow the steps by the following photos:



1.Pls fill in the form fully and submit, then we could get your data-LOG file.
2.What car model you feedback, we would get that car data.

If you still have questions, pls let us know, we will try our best to help you.