Recently, we release the new product Vpecker E4 phone.
Many people don’t understand.
I will introduce the special points to you as follows:
I took the BMW as a example
1,BMW menu selection:
Such as the picture, the menu selection. Help you know about your vehicles every date clearly. The operation is easier than before. You only need yourself phone。

2,BMW ECU info
Check the pic, this is the ECU info screen shot, when you need to Crash detection, you can use it. This is for the engineer and DIY.

3,BMW read DTCs
Checking this pic, you will see the interface of the fault code. Compare with the traditional diagnostic tools software, we add a link of ever operation when you don’t know how to check the unknown car, just to touch this link, then you will get the answer. That also is the super big advantage of the phone software, you can connect the network everywhere and anytime.

4, BMW stream Wave form
This part is more professional,Professional waveform display, can enlarge and diminish waveform for users to better analyze the feature of every wave band under any vehicle conditions, make it convenient to analyze and identity the vehicle fault. Support DIY function, can simultaneously analyze the situation of4 data stream, and users can make DIY function toward data stream according to their demands.

5,Quick Support Quick Support is a customized function, It is a effective communicative bridge for user and engineer, improve efficiency of problem solving. Users can send a remote request to engineer to check problems and ask questions through TeamViewer

6,DTC query Support DTC query, include online query and offline query, online query was provided by IDUTEX, while offline query was provided by the third party like Google. 7,Data playback Date playback: The users can playback the date to quickly analyze the communication date between vehicle and diagnostic tools to find out the problem, and even convenient for DIY big date.