Users will face many problems during use the vpecker device, the problems may including Vpecker software operation problems, S/N can not activated, license failed, can not download the vpecker software or can not find the vehicles.

Normally you can directly leave us feedback on the software.
The information of diagnostic software problems can be uploaded to the manufacture by this function.  
It helps the engineers to fix the bugs quickly.

NOTE: With * information is required; the attachments size cannot exceed 8MB.

But if you are not satisfied with the feedback reply or need urgent support, then you can contact us to get a remote diagnosis.
Below is the steps how to use the remote diagnosis function.

1. Download the remote control tool on your computer
(If you can not download or can not open the teamviewer, contact us, we will send to you directly)

2. Schedule a time with us.
2. Make sure your network is working
3. Open teamviewer software
4. Tell us your ID and password

5. Our engineer remote control your computer
6. Our engineer will check your problems
7. Problem solved
8. Close the teamviewer

Here I show a chat record for you to better understand how to doing a remote diagnosis with Teamviewer.



If you still have problems, Please feel free to contact us
Skype: vpecker1
Whatsapp: +86 18681454258