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What is BMW ICOM 2 IN 1 Offline System?

With the BMW ICOM hardware and a single laptop with our ista software installed, you can perferm functions exactly the same as the original device. It is completely offline and no need to access BMW server when programming. If you looking for BMW Diagnostic tool, BMW ISTA 2 IN 1 offline system is the best choice .



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How to get Vpecker Remote Diagnosis via Teamviewer

July 2nd, 2018|

Users will face many problems during use the vpecker device, the problems may including Vpecker software operation problems, S/N can not activated, license failed, can not download the vpecker software or can not find the vehicles.Normally you can directly leave us feedback on the software.The information of diagnostic software problems can be uploaded to the [...]

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How to download Vpecker E4 App on Android from Google Play?

May 29th, 2018|

Vpecker E4 could support Android, It means that you can do diagnostic on you own smart-phone and run faster.Normally, we download the Vpecker E4 application from Vpecker official website. They upload vpecker software every month.And now, Vpecker company had uploaded the latest version app on the google play, users can easily download the app directly. This should [...]

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VPECKER E1 Update again !

January 3rd, 2018|

 Vpecker E1 update again recently.The detail information as follows: NISSAN upgrade to V18.21.Added data of all models, Covered up to 2017 VPECKER E1 India Update information: MAHINDRA upgrade to V15.01.Added DataList for most of systems.2.Added Active Test of Engine Systems of all vehicle model.3.Added Special Functions:Battery Reset       EKP And Counter Reset       EOL Rountine--Air Venting       Key Learning       Start Stop [...]

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Vpecker E1 Update Information

December 26th, 2017|

Recently we update the Vpecker wifi/Vpecker Bluetooth/Vpecker India/Vpecker Malaysia Add some new functions to Vpecker E1, the deatil functions as follows Software update: 1, VPECKER E1 upgrade to 10.0 version (1)Add the function that you can retrieve the forgotten password. When you lose your password, don’t worry and you don’t need to waste time on [...]

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Vpecker E4 phone and Vpecker E4 updated!

November 27th, 2017|

Vpecker E4 phone version V4.4 released.New Vpecker E4 phone version V4.4 released.New Vpecker E4 version V4.4 released. We add more latest version and models to Vpecker E4. The detail information as follows: Vpecker E4 update information:CHRYSLER_V14.0 1.Added Version Info of all models.2.Added Vehicle models up to 2017: 4C, B1-Renegade, BF-Fiat 500L, BK-Forza, BQ-Renegade, BU-Renegade, CS-Pacifica, D2-Ram Truck, DD-Ram Truck, DF-Ram 3500 Cab Chassis 10K, DJ-Ram Truck, DP-Ram Truck, DR-RAM, DS-Ram Truck, DV-Vision, DX-Ram Truck, FB-500X, FF-500, HB-Durango, HG-Aspen, J8-Wrangler, JC-Journey, JF-Freemont, JK-Wrangler, JS-Avenger,Sebring,Convertible/Sedan, KA-Nitro, KJ-Liberty, KK-Liberty, KL-Cherokee, LA-Challenger, LC-Challenger, LD-Charger, LX-300,Charger,Magnum,Grand Voyager, M1-551, M4-553, M6-556, MK-Compass,Patriot, MP-552, ND-Dakota, NM-Raider, NY-Ypsilon, PD-Neon, PF-Dart, PM-Caliber, PT-PT Cruiser, R2-Mini-Van, R7-750, RM-Routan, RT-Caravan,Town & Country, RU, UF-200, VB-Sprinter, VF-ProMaster, VM-ProMaster City, WD-Durango, WK-Grand Cherokee, XK-Commander, ZB-Viper, ZD-Viper (Post-2013), ZH-Crossfire(NAFTA).BMW_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleMINI_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleROLLSROYCE_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleLANDROVER_V13.7 1.Add Some DataList.VPECKER E4 update information:CHRYSLER_V14.0 1.Added Version Info of all models.2.Added Vehicle models up to 2017: 4C, B1-Renegade, BF-Fiat 500L, BK-Forza, BQ-Renegade, BU-Renegade, CS-Pacifica, D2-Ram Truck, DD-Ram Truck, DF-Ram 3500 Cab Chassis 10K, DJ-Ram Truck, DP-Ram Truck, DR-RAM, DS-Ram Truck, DV-Vision, DX-Ram Truck, FB-500X, FF-500, HB-Durango, HG-Aspen, J8-Wrangler, JC-Journey, JF-Freemont, JK-Wrangler, JS-Avenger,Sebring,Convertible/Sedan, KA-Nitro, KJ-Liberty, KK-Liberty, KL-Cherokee, LA-Challenger, LC-Challenger, LD-Charger, LX-300,Charger,Magnum,Grand Voyager, M1-551, M4-553, M6-556, MK-Compass,Patriot, MP-552, ND-Dakota, NM-Raider, NY-Ypsilon, PD-Neon, PF-Dart, PM-Caliber, PT-PT Cruiser, R2-Mini-Van, R7-750, RM-Routan, RT-Caravan,Town & Country, RU, UF-200, VB-Sprinter, VF-ProMaster, VM-ProMaster City, WD-Durango, WK-Grand Cherokee, XK-Commander, ZB-Viper, ZD-Viper (Post-2013), ZH-Crossfire(NAFTA).BMW_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleMINI_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleROLLSROYCE_V12.8 1.Add some service functions to the vehicleLANDROVER_V13.7 1.Add Some DataList.If you have any questions please feel free let me know.If you want to be [...]

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New product released! ! Vpecker E4 phone released

November 10th, 2017|

New product released!Recently, we released the new product Vpecker E4 phoneOrder Vpecker E4 phone interface, you will get full Vpecker E4 functions.Make your own phone become a professional diagnostic tablet.This is the detail of Vpecker E4 phone. Production introduction:Vpecker E4, android based multifunctional diagnostic tool with8 inch tablet developed by IDUTEX, covering over78 manufactures from Asia(China, [...]

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A welfare post

October 18th, 2017|

A welfare post  Recently we posted a welfare post at Facebook. We hope every client won't miss this welfare post. This Promotion mainly for every client who attended us and support our product. Just leave your comments in this post. I will collect everyone's comments and chose the most popular. This most popular product will [...]

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How to send technical questions to us? Technical support

October 13th, 2017|

How to send technical questions to us? Here is technical supportOur technician has changed the new E-mail. The new E-mail is:  service@idutex.comTechnical support :Pay attention to please the new E-mail:     service@idutex.comWhen you have some ideaswhen you have some technical questionswhen you need technical supportwhen you suffer some problems that you couldn't deal with.....Please send [...]

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New style auto diagnostic tool Vpecker E4 VS Vpecker easydiag

October 7th, 2017|

Vpecker E4 is the latest 8 inch touch screen tablet diagnostic tool by IDUTEX TechnicalIt is a high-end and new style auto diagnostictool based on Android system. Its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking. Vpecker E4 provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes, which makes it the best solution for workshops and [...]

Upgrade news on Vpecker WiFi and Vpecker Bluetooth

September 22nd, 2017|

Upgrade news on VpeckerVpecker wifi and Vpecker Bluetooth!!Vpecker wifi and Vpecker Bluetooth has upgraded to v9.8.Vpecker easydiag adds the latest vehicles and solves the problems that can’t work on 2016 or 2017 years vehicles.The update information of Vpecker easydiag detail as follows: 1, Ford(AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA): Update to new version: 14.0 Add more car models support to 2017! models:Escape/Tribute/Maverick/Mariner [...]

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